Saturday 11 June 2016

June Jaunt to Jemoleys

We had planned to go to the Woodworks Cafe, near Mold, but when I plotted a route it was 17-18 miles, so too far.  This is a shame, because if we do not go to this new cafe our overall cafe count since 2008 will only be 49 by the end of this year, not the projected 50.

Still, a new venue had to be decided upon, at quite short notice, and Jemoleys caught my eye on the map.  This month, Jane T was cafe monitor, which means she phoned ahead, 'booked' and then phoned again to let them know numbers.  This is really helpful role!

23 riders amassed at the start - we have had lots of hot weather today, but showers/ heavy rain was forecast.  It was not bright sunshine, but when riding it was very humid.

This weekend marks the Queen's 90th (official) birthday celebrations, and our eighth year as the fab ladies.  I had the idea on Tuesday that we could dress in red, white and blue(RW&B) (as around us suddenly street parties and events were being arranged).  However, I only have pink and purple cycling tops!  Sonia had a great idea of plaiting RW&B ribbons through her helmet, and I had sudden inspiration in the morning for items I could wear.  Classy!

We assembled for the photo, and then set off our varied ways.

I took my regular group down Hoole Lane, over the river and out to Eccleston, then further to Rossett and Burton.  We missed the plastic cow Cheryl had told me about - there for another day!  We had a few frequent stops to allow me to take clothes off, check my map on my phone, and generally have a wee chat.  Not having my usual cycle top meant my camera was not to hand, so less photos (but still enough)

I chose the lane that goes through Golly, a delightful lane that has a sequence of dips and climbs, a little challenging in the humid weather.  This leads us to a carving in an old tree stump, which no matter how often I stop, people have still never seen - we think it may be Bob Marley, as the guitar playing sculpture is left handed.

We were soon at the top of Kinnerton, and took Lower Mountain Roa dand then Platts Lane into Pen-Y-Ffordd, and the cafe.  I noted a 'Funathon' was taking place from 12 noon today, not sure what that is but Lisa explained they took a bus to Buckley Baths for a swim, then came back for a cycle then a run.  Rather them than me in this heat!

Jemoleys coped marvelously well with all of us, serving an array of sandwiches, cakes and drinks as we took up residence in the garden.  We harked back to 2013 when we first came, on a very hot July day.

All too soon it was time to leave and go our separate ways, with 12 coming back with me to Chester.  At the first junction a lady in a yellow tabbard was urging us to turn right - no, sorry, we are not on the racing event!  The same conversation happened a few times - for a couple we were turning that way, so we just smiled and waved - then the last chap tried to steer us into Bramley Lane - I know it is a lovely lane, but not the direction we were going!

Six of us finally made it to the cafe, and three joined me for a little refreshment outside, a nice chance for a chat with different faces.  Then, as we left I noticed the biggest black cloud - and made it home bike put away with 5 minutes to spare before the deluge!

23 riders, 27 regular miles, a few more faster (one person managed a 75 mile day!!)

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