Monday 23 June 2014

Published - again!

I was approached a wee while back by a publication, looking for ladies over 50 to be interviewed for an insurance magazine.  Not being old enough myself (!), I asked the ladies, and Collette volunteered.

Posted on facebook, 3rd May:

When I responded to a request,sent to the Fab Ladies Cycling Group, for a lady in her mid-fifties to answer some questions for a magazine article, I didn't envisage having to take part in a 'photo shoot' (their terminology not mine!) at 8.00am on a Saturday morning. And no it wasn't a Calendar Girls style session ! I took Mick with me as my PR Manager - haha, but he was more interested in the equipment - pardon mrs??? 

and today an email came from Collette:

Hi Sue

Here's the magazine article. The write up isn't exactly what I said but I suppose they can practise artistic licence as journalists 

There is a link to the Fab Ladies site so they kept that part of the bargain.

I am not sure where Collette goes following our rides to enjoy a glass of wine - but there is an idea!

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