Sunday 2 December 2012

Chester CTC Christmas Lunch

Chester Fabulous Ladies are part of the wider Chester CTC, and so are encouraged to come out on the regular Sunday rides throughout the year.  There is the odd one that I arrange/ lead; and for the past few years I have taken charge of the Christmas Lunch ride, held on the first Sunday in December.  It is usually a bit early for pubs to have really got into the swing, but most are usually decorated, and all we ask for is Turkey and crackers (and a vegetarian option!).

This year I booked The Rising Sun in Tarporley, and we met at Christleton Pond at the usual 10am.  The Sunday before I had ridden out with the deposit, and had to pass through four floods, due to heavy rain at the end of November.  The weather in the previous week had been so changeable, with Saturday being a bit frosty and clear; Sunday had rained but although there was no frost there was ice along many of the lanes.

Dave took Bob and Kinnerton Kath on a slightly longer and a bit faster ride, calling to Rose Farm for elevenses; the rest of us took a leisurely pace to the 50p shop, and Christine's tea shop.

It was trying to rain as we left the 50p shop, and we headed to Huxley and Tiverton, before doubling back to Tarporley, arriving in perfect time as the door was opening!

A pleasant lunch, and they looked after us well!

People did various things heading home - although everyone set off with me to Utkinton, and dropped down Wood Lane to Duddon, where we crossed the A41 before heading to Walk Mill for afternoonsies.  Several people split here, and seven of us partook of coffees and cakes, before lighting up and returning to Chester (arriving home before dark at about 4ish).

27 Miles ( about 31 FF)

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