Monday 18 June 2012

Cheshire Cycleway Rides 2012

Extracts below from facebook:

"I got in at 4 00pm! Phew! Got stuck waiting for a herd of cows to be driven into the yard for milking. Tired but pleased I did it. Well done to you all in the fast lane - wow! And thanks to Jane for the cake - I so needed it! x"
"It has got to be said!!... We met 3 male cyclists stopped together with one bike upside down in 'puncture repair' position. Jane and I carried on passed, but for some reason Katherine held back to help. We couldn't work out why and were puzzled as to what help they could have required from a lonely helpful lady!? when Katherine Caught us up (yes she is very speedy) She had left with them her pump! between the three of them they had no pump and were struggling as to how to inflate tyre! MMMMmmm so they do need us!!"
"Did my first ever CTC event (the 25 mile one). Very snazzy certificate. :-) The sun shone, the beans on toast at the ice cream factory were awesome, and Glenys and Peter were very tolerant for letting me tag along with them, and also for... waiting for me towards the end when I had to stop every mile to pump up an increasingly leaky back inner tube. Thanks to all at CTC for organising the event, and to Chester Fab Ladies for alerting me to it. :-)"

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