Sunday 19 February 2012

The best way to spend your birthday...

In the Groves with a few friends, on the bikes, in the sun.

An extra unofficial ride was advertised, to come and join me bright and early in the centre of Chester, for a spin down to Holt, to see Hildegard, have a coffee and a cake (maybe sing to me!) and then come back.  The usual, really!

The road from Eccleston
An early text from Vicky sent me flying to the window, but no, Chester does not get snow.  Instead we had what was probably the best day of the year so far, blue skies and sunshine.  We set off through town - wonderfully quiet at 9:30 on a Sunday morning, and down to the river.  Over into Handbridge, out to Eccleston and through Pulford to turn off in Lavister. 

By now we were really warm, so we had to make minor adjustments to our layers, before following the back lanes of Darland and Parkside, before hitting Holt for the big time!

I dragged Hildegard away from her baking to say hello, before we settled to a variety of refreshments, and the bottomless pots of tea and coffee.  Just as we were leaving, Hildegard came out and stopped us/ me with a very fresh scone, adorned with a single hearty candle!

After sharing the scone (there were actually two!) we set off back, down the hill and over the river back into England, and along the B road, unless we could take the back lanes by Churton and Aldford.  Across to Bruera and Saighton, where we posed for a quick photo, then back into Chester through Huntington.

View from Saighton, across the Dukes estate to the Welsh hills with their snow

25 not unusual but highly pleasant miles!

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