Sunday 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Each New Year Chester and North Wales CTC have two meets on New Years Day.  The best excuse to get the bike out and start the New Year with a bike ride, meal and gathering of bikes.  One group meet in McLeans in Shotton, and the Chester/ Wrexham/ Mold groups meet at Tilston, in the Carden Arms for food, drinks and conviviality.  The ladies are of course invited, and this year three of the Chester Fabulous Ladies descended among the many other cyclists.  I think it is interesting to note that only 1/4 of the whole gathering were women, and only 5 (I think) cycled out.  Still very low numbers for a gathering of 36 or so cyclists.

Anyway, it was a pleasant enough ride out (as the group I was in missed the huge downpour and only got slightly wet) - even the large flood at Chowley Oaks did not totally soak my feet!  And the ride home was dry with a band of blue sky tantalizingly hovering to our left.

Welna, Moira and Sue lead the Chester group home

30 miles.

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