Saturday 8 October 2011

Misty rain and falling acorns...

...surely signifies the return of autumn; after a week or so of high summer temperatures and wonderful sunshine, the October ladies ride saw the return of Autumn with full avengence!  It was wet at the start of the day, but as ever undeterred by that (rain before seven etc) 10 ladies braved the chilly air to rendezvous at the cafe in Kingsway.  Among them were two new faces, one of which is our new local CTC/forestry Commission project-managing cycle-promoting representative (Louise).  Welcome!

After commissioning Jane to be 'tail end charlie' with her distinctive pink top; and then a quick phone call to the cafe ("Hi 10 ladies for coffee in about an hour, and we would like to sit on the table with the fire"..."oh I don't know if the gas pipe is connected?"..."well you have one hour to do that - lol"!!), we set off up the greenway.

I notice that the fox is missing now (near the horse) what a shame.  We turned off at Guilden Sutton, and round Belle Vue Lane to the junction of Pipers Lane, where Jo noted that Louise's tyre looked soft.  I got my new pump out, and after several false starts finally got the valve the right way around and managed to pump a bit of life into her back tyre.

(Note - it is ALWAYS your back tyre that gets the puncture, or is in need of attention!!!)

Riding through Christleton

We crossed the A51, with a few kind drivers, and through Christleton, where I got carried away and continued to Waverton.  However, with a sneaky ride-round-the-block we were able to retrace to the Plough crossroads, and no-one noticed!  (well, only a couple!)

Back on track now, and the misty rain was really becoming a nuisance, and Raina had to stop and take off her optimistic sunglasses.  The hills of Barrow looked absolutely gray with misty rain, and very little views to enjoy in general.

Sandstone cuttings near Barrow
 Crossing back over the A51, we were near to the Stamford Bridge lights where we turned left to climb into Barrow.  Then is was a straightforward bob round the back lanes to Manley.  I do love the deep sandstone cuttings that you come across in this area!

When we got to the cafe the fire was lit! yay - they had a bit of a battle but managed it for us - thanks Crazy Chameleon!!!!!  Cakes, toast and in some cases soup or welsh rarebit all round!  I do need to speak to the cafe about doing a free coffee/ tea top up for cyclists (like the ice cream farm offer)!

Cakes @ the Crazy Chameleon Cafe

all 10 of us!
It was quite a wrench to tear ourselves away from the warm fire and ambience in the cafe, but places to go, people to see!  A straightforward 6 mile tootle back to the A56 and through Mickle Trafford to join the Greenway again, and back to the cafe.

Passing the horse on the Greenway - heading home!

19 miles.


  1. I love these pages! Reading them puts a smile on my face. The photos too are great. They make me keen to get out for more cycling. Many thanks! Ken

  2. Always nice reading about other people's rides, especially when it's around my local patch. As for the fox it is still there, tucked away in the long vegetaion. It is on the uphill bit between the Guilden Sutton junction and the Horse. It'll be visible again once the foliage is cut back!

  3. Are you sure? we looked twice on Saturday. Will check it out tomorrow on my way to work. With a camera for evidence!

  4. A really great blog, Sue. It reflects you and the other cycling lasses - fabulous!!

    I am sure many others will be inspired to take to two wheels, even if they live far away from Chester.


  5. Foxy still there - Phew!
    Thanks for all your comments guys! glad to know someone is out there!