Thursday 15 September 2011

September berries

I am sorry to report I was not going to be available for the ride this September - the first one I have missed since August 2008 (I think it was). 

I believe that 10 ladies headed out to Hawarden Farm shop, and had a lovely time!. 

I asked Welna, Moira and Jo-Anne to lead the ride in my absence - and I know Welna has written a little something on her blog!

Not sure how far they all went, I will try to find out more and post some pics here too!

On her blog, Welna mentions recent foraging with the abundance of berries this September.  I was enjoying a warm sunny ride home from work today, when I was also distracted by the sight of blackberries dangling at head height.  So out came the buttie box, and it was half filled with blackberries by the time I got home!  My husband informs me that they go well with elderberries in wine making; so that is the plan!

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