Saturday 13 November 2010

November Sun

Another November day dawned with blue skies and sunshine!  Despite the gales and rain of the previous week, the wind had dropped for us by the morning of the November ladies ride.  Three new faces to Chester ladies were welcomed, and a returning few who had missed several rides.  I think that is one of the really nice things about the ladies group; every month is a little bit different depending not only on the route but also who is out. 

So, 10 of us met and I managed to drag the early birds out of the cafe (this could be harder as the winter progresses!) and we set off up Mannings lane to the country lanes.  There were some large sticks and 'tree debris' scattered around the lanes, and a tree was down in Picton Gorse Lane (but the road was clear).  We headed to the zoo, where we had to walk on the pavement as the road was closed one way (we waved at Ali's house as we went past).  Then we had a lovely downhill to the canal, where I snapped a few pics!

There was a gentleman walking by, saying hello to each lady - until he got to the fourth and fifth, whereupon he exclaimed "how many of you are there??!!".  I caught up and we re-grouped at the top, before heading through Backford to the A41.  After crossing this busy road (unusually busy, Christmas shoppers??!!), we had another downhill-uphill to Mollington.

Crossing to Saughall, we passed the Vernon Institute (which had a farmers market on...wonder if they do refreshments?!), and on to the old railway bridge where we joined the Greenway back to Chester, Kingsway cafe, and cakes/toast/bacon butties!!

The whole gang, before departures

A very pleasant and surprisingly warm 14 miles!  Back to the cafe for 12.  Perfect timing!

Jean gets a cuddle in the cafe!

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