Monday 24 May 2010

June ladies ride - two year anniversary!

Yes - this June ride marks the two year birthday for the Fabulous Ladies!  It feels like we are finding our feet, which is about right for a two year old!

12 eager (?!) ladies met at the cafe, and as the sun broke through the grey clouds, we set off across Hoole, along the canal and then past Boughton to pick up the route through Caldy Valley Nature Park.  Out to Saighton, where Zoya had to leave us to go to a garden party.

No-one else could be persuaded to turn back, so we continued to Bruera, crossed the A41 to Old ma's coffee shop.

When the cafe owner had recovered from the shock of 11 ladies eyeing up her scones, we all sat outside and the usual banter and gossip ensued.

Heading back (still in glorious sun but with a sneaky head/side wind) we regrouped in the bus turning circle in Waverton (the wind was a bit strong for a few who dropped slightly back) - until, that is, the bus came!  We set off, but then pulled in to a side track to let the same bus pass (it was just easier!).

Back to Waverton, and re-joining the canal to head back to Chester.

A pleasant, sunny and very chatty 18 miles!

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  1. great ride as usual Sue. Thanks for all your hard work!