Friday 1 January 2010

New Years Day 2010

I did not plan to meet the group this year, as I planned to cycle out with Moira and Ali.  Ali called to my house - and as we left it started to snow!
We found Moira at the Piper, and set off through the soft thin layer of snow down the cycleway.

Nearing Adford, on the bit of road that affords views of the Duke's estate and clock tower (a mini Big Ben - well, he does own Westminster!) I noticed two woodpeckers flying alongside and ahead - fab!

After Aldford, Andy passed us in the car - with all the children in it!  They laughed, we laughed, Andy took photos, Ben threw snowballs (really there was very little snow!), and then we set off again.

No snow at Farndon but more along the lane, where we followed cycle tracks, an then to the pub!

A great gathering, photos on the C&NW website.

Coming out, the temperature was dropping and the thin layer of snow was now smoothed out by the cars and very slippy!  We had a nice ride back, with Welsh John, and Tony & Mike.  We left the latter two in Waverton, and John headed home from Pipers Ash, as did Ali.  I succombed to a quick visit to the Wrights and to try to prise my girls away from the Playstation 3!

I don't know my miles, my computer is not working.  I suspect it needs new batteries.

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