Sunday 1 April 2012

Sunny Spring 50

An annual event, the Spring 50, or 'early season tourist trial', is held in the Spring, somewhere around Palm Sunday (I remember it being on mothers day, at least once).  It is intended to be a slight challenge, as you have to complete the course in 4 or 5 hours - and that is not just pure riding time, but includes any stops.

I rode it many years ago, but then was not fit enough; and in latter years I have happily marshaled, making my own way out and hanging around for all the riders to come past before tootling home again.

But this year I, and a small contingent of Fabulous Ladies, booked ourselves on, and prepared ourselves for the big day. 

After two weeks of beautiful sunshine, Friday and Saturday were grey and cold, so it was not with much hope that I opened the curtains early on Sunday morning - to be greeted by blue skies and sunshine!  It was however quite cold, scraping the light frost from the windscreen to drive out to meet the ladies.

We were soon off, heading up and up and out of Kinnerton, climbing up lower mountain, and then left on the B road to climb further to Llay.  This was the highest point, and we were rewarded with a super downhill to Rossett (I clocked 37mph, which was fun).

We rolled along, chatting but also keeping the pressure on the pedals, and made it to Overton Village hall where we were met with plates of sandwiches and cakes, soup and tea!  But we could not stop long, and after 20 minutes of chomping we were once again off into the lanes.
Arriving at the morning checkpoint
The two Garmin Girls checked the route out and back; although I am sure one had the Garmin upside down, as at several junctions she would say one way, then the other would sail past saying no, this way! 
Early Spring Sun
signing in at the end

We finally made it back to Kinnerton, after fighting a gentle headwind, and received our certificates.  then, after a quick photo, we all converged on the Red Lion at Dodleston for a sit in the chilly sun and a little light refreshments!

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