Sunday, 10 November 2019

All together

This month we had more leaders than riders - and a group of eleven gathered for quick photo in the bitter cold.  There was snow across North Wales, although we did not see any, and although we had some rain it was not sleet.  The early morning frost had cleared, but we were not lucky enough to see any sun.

Despite a few routes being planned, we set off together up the Greenway, and by the blue bridge we debated whether to split or stay together, agreeing on the latter.

The autumnal not-so-greenway!

We continued alongside the main road, on a cycle path past the old Sealand Army Camp, until I had a brain freeze about the route.  Lisa stepped in and we crossed the roundabout, and the course became obvious again, passing some flooding in an adjacent field.

Hosta cafe is within a garden centre, and as with most garden centres this means you have to trail all the way through the displays to get to the cafe.  There was not much out, but there was a fabulous display of large cyclamen.

If you are good at anagrams,
they have some letters for sale.
I managed 'Lost'!

We warmed up in the cafe with drinks and a selection of breakfast type victuals, before wrapping up and heading back out into the cold.  Despite extensive rain recently, I was surprised that the lanes were not flooded.  A final ascent through the zoo which was very leafy, and returning to Kingsway cafe with 20 miles covered

Saturday, 8 June 2019

All change

I was away for the June ride, so passed the ropes to the leaders.

As the weekend approached, facebook comments echoed with concerns for the weather forecast, with some leaders dropping out the night before and on the morning.

However - Linda reports "Despite the wind and the rain a hardy group of cyclists assembled at Kingsway cafe this morning. We split into 2 groups, the further faster led by Alex and a regular group led by myself. Given the weather our group did a 20 miler, stopping at Old Ma’s cafe near Tattenhall. Once we were cycling and warmed up a bit the wind dropped and the rain was very light. It was actually quite refreshing. 

At the cafe we were informed by Mary that it was World Knit in Public day (who knew there was such a thing?) and then proceeded to get her knitting out. 

A bit more of a head wind on the way back but good to get out. Thanks to Mary and then Rick and Clare for backmarking."

Alex led the faster group to the new cafe at Coddington, called Manor Wood (I have not been there yet).

Apparently, it was also 'World Gin Day'!

Saturday, 9 March 2019

Avoiding the wind

It is still windy!  I led the short route today, as people were a little nervous riding in the wind.  We are lucky in Chester; our lanes twist and turn, and we have plenty of hedges giving shelter - just watch out for those gateways!

A very colourful gathering

With a short ride around very familiar lanes, there is little to report.  No baby cows yet, but daffodils adorn the verge and that's about it!  I added a small hill via Dunham on an otherwise straightforward route, short up and lovely down.

One funny moment, not captured on film as I was coming down said hill; a horsebox had set off up the lane, and three or four horses ran along to the gate (we presume it had just left) as if to say "hey! where are you going/ what about us?!"  Cute.

Despite the wind, the sun came out in time for our arrival at Manley Mere, which was the most beautiful blue I have ever seen.  When I asked inside, I was told it has been treated to block out light and prevent weed growth in the mere.  They have a lot of open water swimming here, as well as watersports, so they have started to do this now.  That explains the colour.  But it does look lovely!

Arriving first, we treated ourselves to cake and comfy seats around the open fire.  Which was very warm!

...I always like the throne chair, as I call it!

We waited for what seemed like a long time before the other two groups arrived.  The cafe had set aside plenty of seats for us, it is not too busy this time of year.

I may need to photoshop out that cone on the right!
After a quick catch up with the other groups, I led my group back around the back of Barrow, to pick up the Greenway via Stamford Bridge.
Great Barrow Church - St Bartholomew's
Both groups this morning had to re-route, as the Guilden
Sutton road was closed for re-surfacing; however, by the time we came through it was re-opened, although rough and surprisingly busy!

Finally up the Greenway, Mary stopped to hide a geocache for her friend to find, she was very excited about it!

Whilst the others were waiting, Helen had noted her wheel appeared to be rubbing.  Bike upside down, we spun the wheel and looked for what was causing this, but the mudguards, brake blocks and frame did not appear to be to blame, so we carried on.  I was not sure if it was a spoke, as she said she had heard a noise, but not been on anything too lumpy.  She called to the bike shop, and later reported that it was indeed a broken spoke, near the hub.

24 riders, 16 miles for the slow and steady group.

Friday, 8 March 2019

What waterproof?

On our last Sunday ride it rained.  All day.

Now, I do not mind the rain, it is a thing we have and there is no getting away from it.  But I realised this day that my trustee Altura waterproof was no longer (waterproof, that is!), and within an hour of being home I had placed an order on a well known online shop (with whom I still had some vouchers).  I ordered a DHB pink one, size 16 (I am a 14) as I thought I would allow a bit of space.

Wednesday 6th March.

My new top arrives!  Brill! Just in time for our Wednesday evening ride.

However, although long in the sleeve ( I have quite short arms), it was so tight, with only one small short sleeved top underneath, that it will not do as a waterproof for winter rides, as I would be cold.  Who wears one short sleeved top and a waterproof in the winter?

So, back on the pc to order a larger size.  No, they do not go larger than a 16.  Great.

Online chat suggested the Altura Nightvision, in purple.  I love purple, and this had a lot of reflective panels, so should show up a treat on a dark winter night.  But the measurement sizing guide suggested I should be an 18.  Can I point out at this point that my yellow no-longer-waterproof is an Altura Nightvision size 12?  Just thought I would mention that.  Fits fine also.

So, back went the DHB, and along came the Altura.
Better fit, super long sleeves now, but should be OK with a top or three for winter rides.

I will also point out, these are supposed to be a woman's fit.  To fit a Woman.  I would expect like me.  With hips, for example.

Excited to wear it for the first time on our next Ladies ride.

But, despite the description saying "impressive breathability battles to fend off sweat" I noted that I was wet inside the jacket.  It was not a particularly cold day, I had a short sleeved top and winter top and we had been cycling quite slowly, as I led the slower group.  We had ridden 16 miles at a steady average of 10mph.  Not fast, and not enough to work up a sweat.

Back went the purple Altura.

Our trusty local bike shop had no alternatives. I have continued with my yellow top, as it is (slightly) better that nothing.

To be continued...

Saturday, 9 February 2019

Blustery Gusts

It is often a bit windy, and sometimes it can get very windy.  With high winds forecast over the end of the week including Saturday, there was some reticence from the ladies about coming out for a ride.  And it did indeed sound a bit wild when I first got up, with rain lashing against the window.  However, it can all change by 10:00, and as I live very close to the cafe I can always get there -whatever the weather.

This month, instead of an 'event' on facebook I put a poll:

Who is out on Saturday?
No, sorry I'm busy
Voters for this option
Yes, me, can't wait to join in with the ride!
Voters for this option
No sorry. I’m away this weekend
Added by Karen
Voters for this option
I may come, but a bit worried about the weather!
Voters for this option

On the morning several people dropped out, but when I got to the cafe, Jane was there, and by our time to leave there were 10 of us, a perfectly honourable number.

Look at that sky!!!
After our photo gathering, we set off to the river and round Handbridge, keeping to side roads where it seems a bit less windy.  We headed to Eccleston and the Old Wrexham Road (a close pass from an Iceland van, reported to police later), Darland and a sneak around Hoseley, again avoiding the wind.  We had one moment of difficulty, as we re-joined the B-road (after fixing Jane's puncture and entertaining the two small doggies), which was particularly
tight tyres and big thorns
windy - but then a fantastic tailwind to push us into Holt, up Esp Hill which can sometimes be a bit of a drag!

Helen looked after us admirably at Cleopatra's coffee shop, with very nice coffee. 

Our table booking for 11am
(not "I am fabulous"!!!)

We split a little after coffee as Mary was heading back the way we came, and the tandem set off in front; I dropped down the little back road - which is now one way (darn it - the wrong way!) and over the river which looked quite high.

We enjoyed sunshine for most of the day and it was not really cold.  Another tailwind up Saighton Hill, what joy!

Snowdrops - first flowers of the year!

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Autumn in a Day

A good turn out of 25 for the November Ladies Ride. 

We set off along the greenway, colours on the trees were amazing, it is nearly the middle of November and so many leaves still on the trees, it's not winter yet.

After passing through Waverton, Ruth sustained a soggy wobbly feeling in her rear - a puncture.  We pulled over, and the ladies were glad to have a demonstration of how to change a tube, which Ruth managed admirably.  A little help to pump up the tube, and we were rolling again.

Up and over the canal then railway bridges, before turning towards the marina.

Only a short trip today, but we managed 11 miles out.

 Despite passing a large gate bewteen canal and rail, this is shut as it is for the workshop, so the entrance to the cafe is along Newton Lane and turning in at the Ice Cream Farm car park, you follow down to a gate then up and over the railway (again).

Sat in the corner were Dave and friends from Wrexham CTC - we have not bumped in them for a little while  so I was able to have a little chat, before they went on their way.

Tattenhall Marina cafe is a spacious venue, with lovely views and a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.  They kindly furnished us with sandwiches and chips, before we set off again back through the lanes.

To finish off, as if we had not seen enough colour in the lanes, I brought my group back through Caldy Valley, a veritable explosion of yellow and orange and other bright autumn colours - autumn condensed into 1/2 mile!

25 riders, 22 (regular) miles, three groups.