Thursday 5 April 2012

Fabulous Club Tops

Over the last year there have been several conversations about having a ladies cycling club top. We considered a certain budget supermarket chain who have twice yearly sales of cycle clothing, with some nice tops that some of us have invested in.  However, these are time limited, as are the sales from another sports shop.  I had spoken to our local bike shop, but they were not able to hold the stock for us.

It all started when I saw some photos from the Chichester Belles, who had spotty pink tops.  I asked where they got them, and they passed me the details of the company they used.  We could design just about anything we wanted and in any colour.

I requested samples from the company (Owayo) and some ladies had a go at designing a club top.  Then 7 of us gathered in my dining room in February, and had a very productive evening designing a top and colour scheme.

After several weeks of negotiation with the company and our local bike shop, The Bike Factory, we came up with a final design, and sponsorship.  Orders were taken, money collected, and the big day finally came in April when the tops had arrived!

We met in the bike factory oping to wow them all at forthcoming Chester and North Wales events!

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