Thursday 24 June 2010

A Wednesday Evening Ride

An extra ride for ladies in Chester happened during Bike Week (19-25th June); a ladies only version of the weekly Wednesday Evening rides.

We met outside the Town Hall - a goodly turn out of 23 people (not all ladies) which meant a variety of rides could set off in different directions.

Can you believe I forgot my camera?!

The ladies were the last to set off, as I popped across the Town Hall Square to notify the pub how many were returning for refreshments.

We headed through town and to the river, crossing on the Suspension bridge and up through queens park - dropping a card in at my parents house on the way.

Out along Dukes Drive to Eccleston, to the old Wrexham Road and out past the garden centre towards Pulford.  Then we realised we were missing a few - so I pointed the group on towards Dodleston while I back tracked (over a mile!) to where Liz was mending her puncture.  And me with no camera!!!!

We continued through to Dodleston, but no sign of the others - as I was wondering if they had slinked off to the pub they appeared - they had gone to the pub, but only to fill their water bottles (a likely tale...!)

Time now was pushing against us, so we headed back in through Saltney and Curzon Park to cross the Grosvenor Bridge (England had actually won a match that day, and two likely lads wrapped in an England flag were singing their way in the other direction.  Can you guess what they sang at us - clue, it is a song by Queen.....)

We arrived in a genteel and elegant fashion at the Coach House at precisely 9pm, the time I had suggested (threatened) Tim, Bob and Dave to be back for!!!!!  Perfect!

The sandwiches were superb, and plentiful (and me with no camera!!!!)  you will have to use your imagination!  We sat outside, it was a beautiful evening all round!

Again next year?

14 miles, 12 ladies (I think, it was hard to count!)

(I do have a photo on my phone - I just have to work out how to download it....)

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