Wednesday 22 June 2011

Wednesday Evening Bike week ride

For the second year running, I ran a ladies only ride alongside the usual Wednesday evening rides, for bike week.
Due to an enormous downpour between 6 - 6:35, only 11 people mustered outside Chester Town Hall - not bad given the circumstances!

11 cyclists at the Town Hall!

By this time it had actually stopped raining, and the big black cloud had headed northwards over Kelsall and beyond.  A few photos later and I led 4 ladies off for a 20 mile circuit up the Greenway to Mickle Trafford, Guilden Sutton, Stamford Bridge, a bit of A51 which was not too bad at 7:30 if not for the large lorries and accompanying spray!  Tarvin via a sneaky bridleway, Oscroft, Barrow (great and small) and finally back into Mickle Trafford, where I noticed that St Plegmunds well had been 'dressed' so we popped there to see that.  Sweet!

St Plegmunds Well - Well Dressing!

We were back in perfect time to meet the others at the Coach House for sandwiches and a beer!  and we were still dry - it was nice enough to sit out too!


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