Saturday 2 January 2010

Happy New Year 2010!

Hello all and welcome to a new year on the Ladies blog.  I have managed postings for a whole year now, and look forward to continuing through 2010!

Yesterday I was out on the bike to the new years day meet we have each year at the Carden Arms, Tilston. Although not billed as a ladies ride, I went with two ladies - Moira who has been on a few of the Ladies rides, and her sister Ali who may come again.

It was a slippy slidy snowy day, but also fabulous weather - apart from mad snow shower the instant I stepped outside the front door (which stopped by the time Ali and I got to the Piper). I don't know exact distance as I need a new battery for my computer. 

2010 promises as much and more for cycling as last year.  The ladies will continue with the monthly rides and Kingsway 10am Saturday mornings; but also there is the promised formation of a 'sister' group on the Wirral, led by my cycling chum and all round good egg, Janet.  They will meet in the Wirral and on the third Saturday morning each month starting in February.  I Very Excite!

Santa also promised me a GPS - I am still checking out what I want but hopefully in a few months (or sooner) I will be able to post the routes we have taken, so that you can follow them at your leisure.  If you do, be sure to let me know how you got on!

I am also plotting a ladies cycling weekend to Bridges YH end of May (28th -31st), there are already about 10 interested ladies - I will email out soon as we will need to book.  Email me or post a comment beow if you would like to particiapte.

We (as Chester & North Wales CTC) also have our usual varied programme of events and rides through 2010 - check out the website for news and updates, as well as full rides list for all cycling groups in the area.


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