Wednesday 22 February 2012

Fabulous Fuel - or the secret of proper nutrition...

...and I don't mean cake for once!!

We received an invite to join the Chester Tri (Triathlon club) ladies evening at the bike factory, which was to be about nutrition for training.  We generally do not do much training, and as our speaker plans his meals and food around his training, so we plan our rides around the cakes.

Rob shows Nosheen how to fix a chain
Nevertheless, 6 of us gathered in the shop, and mingled, trying on shoes, having a go on the bike on rollers, and helping ourselves to the nibbles and snacks we are becoming accustomed to.

We had a presentation from Ben Amer (works at the BF, and for Warrington Rugby Club, and currently studying sports nutrition at Masters level) - and he was really good.  I just wish I could follow his logic, and understand the nutritional benefits that even just a good diet would give me.  I am so very bad, and generally eat what I fancy.  I know what I should do, but the most important message I need to take away is to drink more water!!

The talk also centred on supplements (although there are supplements for before the ride, in training; for during a big ride, and also straight after.  I should have taken notes!)

However, the good news is that there is a handy sheet he has put together, so as soon as I can get a copy he has agreed that I can post it on one of the blog pages, so we can all refer to it - especially as we have the Spring 50 approaching, and if anyone plans to join me for the 100 in June (if not there is another 50) - not to mention the audaxes in September and October!

Much jollity was had, and much useful information, a few freebies, and a talk though on how to change a tube.  Again!

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