Slaidburn Weekend 2015

Friday 29th May - Sunday 31st May 2015

Slaidburn Youth Hostel, Slaidburn, Clitheroe, Lancashire
(Ordnance Survey Map Number: 103 Grid Reference: SD 712 525)

Ladies in Lancashire - 
The Ladies Weekend 2015.

Friday 29th May - "It’ll be sunny in settle"

As the weekend approached, some of the ladies were tempted to look at the weather forecast – which was gloomy to say the least.  And certainly the morning dawned with rain pelting down; but that stopped as I loaded the car, intermittent on the drive up the M6, and tailed off on arrival at the hostel.  Indeed, as we set off up the first hill of the day the sun was already out.

9 of us were ready to ride, and we followed the B road until my gadget indicated a right turn, on the Lancashire Cycleway.  

Bolton in Bowland

However, as we progressed I became aware that the road we were supposed to be on, to Tosside and the first cafĂ©, was ebbing away to our left.  No matter, it was a lovely route, lovely scenery and then an absolutely delightful long and fast descent.  At the bottom I noted we had missed the left turn as we flew (only later did I lit was a track which was why I did not see a turning) and after a quick glance at the GPS saw we were near to Bolton in Bowland, where I knew (from the cafe list I had perused earlier) there was a cafe.  Lunch sorted, so that was where we went.  Lisa (the bullet) spotted a deer to our right, to a chorus of 'aaah's' she gracefully jumped back over the fence into the woodlands.

We may have stepped into Yorkshire at this point!

The tea rooms in Bolton-by-Bowland coped admirably with 9 ladies, pushing all the tables together and generally taking over!  Maps out, what is the easiest way to get to Settle?

We plotted a new route via Wigglesworth, to Rathmell, passing bluebells and gypsy caravans with horses, no doubt heading to Appleby Horse Fair.  We crossed over into Yorkshire (for the first of many border hoppings!) and at Rathmell paused for a minute - as phones came into signal and we had contact with folk back home!

Wiggley worms spotted in Wigglesworth

We did a left - right, heading for Wham (just had to!) and along a delightful narrow stone walled lane which curved its way up and over and then down to Giggleswick and then Settle.  A small Mio-led deviation took us thorugh the industrial estate, leading Collette to ask a passing gentleman if he 'knew where the naked man was' - meaning Olde Naked Man cafe!

Reading rooms at Rathmel (and phone signals!)

Settle town square

Saturday 30th May - "Can we go somewhere flat next year?"

Sunday 31st May - too wet.

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